Sunday, 21 May 2017

2017 Greetings

May 21, 2017 0 Comments
Hello everyone,

I've been so far away from this blog for almost one year coz my last post here was during August of last year. As final defense for my Ph.D studies is drawing nearer and nearer, I am super busy during this time. As usual, whenever I feel stressed, I seriously want to get my hobby back. That is why I often come to this place trying to do something here.

Unfortunately, my former laptop was broken down since last year October. For this time, I was just thinking to taste the new feeling as I have been totally tired of using window pc. So I bought Macbook Pro and it was so chic and I love it so much. But some softwares I am currently using for my data analysis are not compatible with Macbook because some of them just have developed for window version. In this context, I inevitably have to use Desktop installed in my lab to run for such kind of softwares. To be continued, it would be the reason why I am writing now  in English. Actually, I have already installed Myanmar keyboard and Zawgyi one font in this Macbook, but I am not totally familiar in typing. For example, I do not still know how to type complicated words such as University, Science in Myanmar language. I also couldn't find time to check and practice for Myanmar typing as well. But today, I wanted to post something here after about 8 hours of continuous study. So please don't mind me not for typing in Myanmar language and also my writing might have some mistakes as this is the very first time for me to write this kind of work and I am in a rush too :D :D. My final defense will be set on 26th of June so I am trying now to finalize my dissertation and paper publications. After defense, I will just need to submit my dissertation to examination board. My graduation will be end of September. So starting from July, I don't have so much to do. I decided to travel around Japan to enjoy its culture, nature, food and everything I am interested in. Hopefully, my desire of writing blogposts will still persist until that time so that I can share my experiences here.

Btw, I mentioned my instagram account in this blog and usually post photos there whenever I feel tired of study. So you all can check me there to see some of my activities. And I changed blog theme and my name as well cox I decided to use my own name which was given by my parents. Later, after finalizing my messy studies, I will renovate this blog again and I will surely be back.

See you all!!!!

<3 With love <3

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